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MasterEmaco T 1060

Our products are provided by BASF, Master builders solutions. MasterEmaco technology is a very rapid setting cement based concrete repair mortar. 

How does MasterEmaco T 1060 work:

MasterEmaco uses a one component shrinkage-compensated very rapid cement based mortar. It is designed for repairing horizontal concrete surfaces. 

Recommended Uses:

  • Interior & Exterior

  • Horizontal surfaces

  • Structural concrete repairs

  • Partial & full depth repairs

  • Applications that need early strength gain


What are the unique features of the MasterEmaco T 1060?

  • Extra low permeability helps minimize chloride intrusion

  • Excellent resistance to freeze/thaw cycling

  • Shrinkage compensated, minimizing cracking from drying shrinkage reducing stress at the bond line

  • Proprietary cement blend bonds to carbonated and noncarbonated concrete substrates


What are the benefits of the MasterEmaco T 1060?

  • Very rapid-setting so that structures can be opened to vehicular traffic in 1 hour

  • Low residual moisture, can be coated in as little as 4 hours

  • Can be extended up to 100% by weight providing higher yields


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