Building Exteriors

When it comes to Building Exteriors, our concrete experts at Restoration Tech have always provided the best service and value. 


  • Brick and Block replacement

  • Tuck-Pointing


  • Waterproofing wall coatings

  • Vertical joint sealant

  • Loading dock repairs


  • Facade restoration

  • Core filling of blocks

  • Wall cut-outs for new windows & doors

  • Roof flashing replacement

On site Investigation & Inspection

Completed Projects

Restoration Technologies is the approved and authorized applicator for all our restoration and preservation systems. RTI will assist in creating and maintaining a unique preventive and maintenance program designed to meet your specific restoration and preservation needs. 

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Tuck Pointing
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Brick and Block Replacement
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Masonry Repairs

When done correctly, concrete block masonry can last up to 80 years. Properly sealed masonry is a key to preventing long term problems. Our job is to preserve, restore and maximize the length of any building in need. 

Window and Door Sealant

Temperature and weather changes are important to understand in when maintaining any concrete structure. Our team is able to provide impermeable barriers and expansion joints to prevent any water penetration and make sure your building is able to easily adjust with temperature change.

Waterproofing Wall Coating
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Joint Sealant
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Roof Flashing
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Core Filling of Blocks
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Other Building Exterior Services

We understand buildings face several issues or require special assistance even beyond concrete. Our additional exterior services are here to provide any assistance you may need on maintaining or upgrading your building. 

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